african grey parrot size

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GENDER: male & female
SPECIES: African Grey Parrot
PET’S AGE: 10 & 11 weeks old
COLORS: grey, red, white
CHARACTERISTICS: young, bonded pair, hand raised and trained, companion, cute, exotic, handfed, house trained, pet, playful, singing, talking, fancy, quiet, tame.

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African Grey Parrot Size

African grey parrot size, the African Grey Parrot is an exceptional creature that captures the hearts of bird enthusiasts around the world. However, the journey of acquiring an African Grey Parrot for sale should not be taken lightly. Responsible pet ownership entails sourcing from reputable breeders, understanding their specific needs, and providing lifelong care. By adopting these principles, owners can not only enjoy a unique and enriching relationship with their parrot but also actively contribute to the conservation of this incredible species.

how much is an african grey parrot

Once the decision to bring an African Grey Parrot into one’s life has been made, it is essential to educate oneself about their specific needs. These parrots possess extraordinary intelligence and require mental stimulation and enrichment to thrive. Regular social interaction, engaging toys, and a varied diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and formulated pellets are crucial for their overall well-being. Furthermore, African Grey Parrots are known for their exceptional ability to mimic human speech, making training and positive reinforcement an integral part of their daily routine.

14 reviews for african grey parrot size

  1. Margaret C. Williams

    Looks better than the picture

  2. Tony A. Childers

    Unfortunately I had to ship overseas and the charges for shipping and additional taxation made the transaction very expensive. but was glad to receive though

  3. Joline C. Keener

    My order was processed and delivered very fast.

  4. Ines A. Jessop

    Delighted with my order

  5. Tammy S. Richardson

    delivered with quick

  6. Don K. Hernandez

    It was great

  7. Jennifer A. Freeman

    Service was great and I love the African parrot

  8. Florence D. Clemons

    Whole service really good

  9. Delores C. Pope

    As ordered and was all in good order

  10. Alexandria A. Taylor

    Excellent service and quality so lovely i am happy for my third purchase

  11. Johnny A. Chandler

    Customer service was excellent. Staff were so helpful when I phoned

  12. John A. Myers

    Thought I had left it too late to place my order, but was so pleased with customer service. will definitely recommend

  13. Cheryl R. Thompson

    Good selection of and they had exactly what I was looking for.

  14. Louis J. Clark

    My order was processed and delivered very fast.

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