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African Grey Parrot Price
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Bunnies For Sale Near Me
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capuchin monkey price

Capuchin monkeys are energetic animals that require enrichment and an active lifestyle—often, when raised by humans, they rarely get enough stimulation. They may be adorable as babies, but as they get older, capuchin monkeys can get bored easily, which can lead to increasingly behaviors. They usually end up as incompatible pets, rendering them easy & lovely to care for.

Species Overview

COMMON NAME: Capuchin monkey


ADULT SIZE: 13 to 22 inches; Up to 4 pounds

LIFESPAN: 15 to 25 years in the wild

Capuchin Monkey For Sale

Capuchin Monkey Behavior and Temperament

Capuchins—considered the smartest of the New World monkeys—are diurnal (active during the day), social, and territorial. They spend most of their waking hours searching for food, urinating to mark their territory, and hanging out in trees. They are mostly found in rainforests in South America and Latin America.

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Best Capuchin Monkeys


buy capuchin monkey pet

Capuchin Training and Behavior Modification

Our experienced trainers provide personalized training and behavior modification programs to ensure a harmonious relationship with your Capuchin monkey.

baby bunnies

Bunnies For Sale

Our team offers comprehensive assistance and guidance for individuals interested in adopting a Bunnies as a pet.

african grey parrot lifespan

African Grey Parrot For Sale

We design and build custom enclosures specifically tailored to the needs and behavior of African Grey Parrot, ensuring their safety and comfort.


Marmoset Monkey For Sale

Marmoset Monkeys are a small, but highly intelligent species of monkey that are kept as exotic pets and often for medical research. 



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How to Care for Small Pets

Consider a small pet that’s more affordable and requires less care but is still playful and affectionate. Learn how to care for your small pet and to be a responsible pet owner.

African Grey Parrot Price

Are you in search of a new feathered companion that’s not just a pet but a lifelong friend? Look no further, as the African Grey Parrot might just be the perfect choice for you. Renowned for their striking intelligence and charming personality, African Grey Parrots have captivated the hearts of bird lovers around the world. african grey parrot lifespan

So, in this article, we delve into the enchanting world of African Grey Parrots, exploring everything from the reasons that make them exceptional pets to vital considerations before bringing one into your home. how much is an african grey parrot

Let’s get started.

African Grey Parrot For Sale

Before getting straight to African Grey Parrot for sale near me which are listed above, it’s better first to discuss who they are, how they look, and more.

Well, African Grey Parrots are captivating with their elegant grey feathers and a striking red tail. Known for their exceptional intelligence and mimicry skills, these parrots can mirror human speech with remarkable clarity. They are emotionally intelligent and require social interaction, making them more than just pets but companions. Their lifespan can extend beyond 50 years, requiring a commitment from their owners to match their longevity. african grey parrot for sale near me

So that makes them the perfect feathered friend, and now you must be looking for some African grey parrot for sale. If that’s the case, look no further as we offer ethically sourced African Grey Parrots for sale in the comfort of your home, ensuring they come from environments that prioritize their health and social needs. african grey parrot cost

We understand the unique nature of these birds and prepare them for a seamless transition into your home. By choosing our service, you’re not just purchasing a parrot; you’re embracing a lifelong journey with a highly intelligent and emotionally complex companion. baby african grey parrot

Bunnies For Sale

Shopping around for bunnies for sale? Here are some vital tips on bunny breeds, buying advice, and pet care. sea bunnies

When considering which breed of bunny is right for you, think about their size, personality type, coat type, energy level, life expectancy, grooming needs, and possible health concerns. Popular breeds include Netherland Dwarf Bunnies – small in stature but big in character; Mini Rex Rabbits – short-haired balls of fluffiness; Dutch Bunny – friendly lap rabbits who love attention; Lionhead Rabbits – fuzzy cuteness! baby bunnies

Before making any purchase decisions, it’s essential to ensure that the breeder or store has high standards of animal welfare. Ask questions such as: Are they knowledgeable about the breed they are selling? Do they have proper documentation? How do they handle each individual animal? how long do bunnies live

Bunny For Sale: Where To Buy?

Bunnies make wonderful pets, and if you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family, you’ll want to know where to buy. Here are some important tips for finding the perfect bunny: what do bunnies eat

  •  Ensure proper pet care by researching how much time and money is necessary when caring for bunnies. snow bunnies
  • Learn about different breed types that exist and determine which one best fits your lifestyle. cute bunnies
  • Research specific bunny breeds in order to find out their personalities, temperaments, size requirements, etc. bunnies for sale near me
  • Ask trusted sources such as veterinarians and rescue shelters for advice on rabbit adoption or purchase. playboy bunnies

Marmoset Monkey

Marmoset Monkeys are a small, but highly intelligent species of monkey that are kept as exotic pets and often for medical research. They are complex creatures that have a lot of specific requirements that make it nearly impossible to replicate their natural habitat and stimuli. They are well known for their distinct musky odor they use to differentiate one another and their foul smelling urine they use to mark their territories, a trait that can be tamed with diligent training. Keeping a Marmoset is like having a child. They live to be up to 18 years of age in captivity and require constant attention in the form of exercise, activities, and training. marmoset monkey price

Marmosets For Sale

Often called the finger monkey, these tiny monkeys grow the size of a barbie doll and weigh less than a pound as adults. Don’t let their adorable size and facial expressions fool you, they are very curious and highly intelligent. Because they are new world primates, they are the most difficult animals we raise, they require the most dedication and time, all the time. These monkeys have special requirements, not like other animals, including special lighting, diet, veterinary expertise, neutering, and more. They are highly specialized and are not easy to care for.  If you are seriously interested in obtaining a marmoset monkey please read my Buy a Marmoset Monkey Guide and sign up for our notification list at the bottom of this page. pygmy marmoset monkey

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About us

Welcome to Capuchin Monkey Pet! We are a reputable business based in Colorado, USA, specializing in the sale of capuchin monkeys. With years of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing healthy and well-cared-for capuchins to responsible and loving owners.

At Capuchin Monkey Pet, we understand the unique needs of these intelligent creatures and strive to ensure their well-being throughout their lifetime. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing exceptional customer service and guidance, assisting you in finding the perfect capuchin companion that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Trust PrimatePlanet for a reliable and ethical capuchin buying experience.

marmoset monkey for sale

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“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Love Nature are always a pleasure to work with.”
John Miller
Fantastic! Fantastic. I ordered two pets and both provided high intelligence experiences. Shipping was super fast and they even included some accessories to sample! I’m incredibly pleased.
Doe Jane
I got my parrot February 2023. She was exactly as described and seen on pictures and videos. She is cute and funny and immediately become part of my family.
Mathew Stones
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