Kiala capuchin monkey pet

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Gender: 1 Female
Breed: Capuchin Monkey
Birthday Certificate Available
Full Vet Records Available
Capuchin Monkey For Sale

Kiala capuchin monkey pet

These little monkeys have a very distinct look. Their face, throat, and chest are white while the rest of their body is black or brown. They got their name, capuchin, because they look like a type of Catholic friar that wears dark robes. Despite their boldness, even the largest ones only grow to be the size of an adult house cat (about 9 pounds). They are long though. Their body is 12-22 inches in length and their tail is the same length.

31 reviews for Kiala capuchin monkey pet

  1. Donna N. Byrd

    The service is brilliant, delivery speed is excellent and the price is cheaper than other retailers.

  2. Del N. Fletcher

    Definitely buy from you guys again

  3. Vicki L. Downs

    Quick service

  4. Donna M. Robles

    My son absolutely loves this

  5. Marguerite D. Foster

    Product dispatched and arrived within suggested time frame

  6. Mary S. Dickinson

    Prompt & easy to deal with Product

  7. Micheal M. Main

    It arrived much quicker than anticipated given I’d ordered again for my child

  8. Christina P.

    First class service,

  9. Christina N. Teixeira

    Delivery was quick and ahead of time.
    Fast friendly service would recommend to anyone

  10. Samuel L. Clark

    Super fast postage

  11. Tameka G. Latshaw

    Prompt delivery

  12. Rachel J.

    Excellent service, popped into the store as live locally the girls are so friendly and helpful! Thank you CMP.

  13. Stephen M. Meador

    Would definitely recommend

  14. Ann J. Coleman

    Arrived as promised and good quality

  15. Autumn P. Martin

    Quick and easy shopping experience wonderful delivery

  16. Michele J. Phillips

    I have been using capuchin monkey pets site for some time now and these guys are amazing.

  17. Julian D. Eaves

    Lovely quality, great price

  18. Alfred R. Rose

    Delivery was speedy and excellent, the price is cheaper than other retailers.

  19. J. Lawrence

    Excellent service, quick delivery

  20. John R. Wolf

    Great service and excellent product

  21. Bernard R. Greer

    great product and good quality product

  22. Shawn E

    just efficient service with a replacement item arriving very quickly. Thanks so much 👍

  23. Bernard R. Greer

    Good service and product

  24. Jame C. Hernandez

    it arrived quicker than expected i would recommend this

  25. Jane T. Ford

    Product arrived super quick. Dad was super happy with his present!

  26. Rosemary S. Reynolds

    Personalized for a 21st birthday communication was great short came up on time

  27. Terence E. Robinson

    My son loves it

  28. Joan L. Gorrell

    the customer service was fantastic.

  29. Daniel S. Hess

    Beautiful Monkey at a great price was in doubt but was suprise my order came through

  30. Vickie Thompson

    Excellent products arrived quickly and great quality Really pleased with purchase

  31. Audrey J. Dye

    No issues

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