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    All orders are subject to verification. You must be at least 18 years old to order a live animal, and you must live in a legal state.Once an order is placed you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm, and complete the order.

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    You have a 7-day grace period from your deposit date to schedule a pickup date for your baby. Every day past the 7th day will incur a $100 per Marmoset, per day boarding fee. If your baby is not ready to go at the time of your deposit you will be contacted and the grace period will be set for the date the baby is available to leave.

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    Pickup only at our location in Kingsbury Texas, please visit our make an appointment page after checkout to schedule an appointment.


Marmoset Monkey Care

marmoset monkey care, are little primates from the Callitrichidae family that are native to South America. Their unusual look includes long tails, tufted ears, and a colorful fur coat. In the wild, marmosets eat insects, fruits, and tree sap with their keen teeth. In captivity, they require a particular diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources such as eggs and insects. Marmosets can be active and playful pets, but their social nature necessitates a high level of attention and care. However, many nations impose legal limitations on the ownership of marmoset monkeys due to concerns about wildlife trafficking and species conservation. Prior investigation should be undertaken before considering having a marmoset money.

Charly baby female marmoset pickup at our ranch in Kingsbury TX we do not offer transport.

Her full price is $6000 plus tax. The deposit of $1200 will be deducted from the total and is due at pickup. Text 210-241-1856 for any questions before placing the deposit.

Charly was born here at JEAR under our specialized breeding program.

Charly is a sweet and very respectful little marmoset. She has been on a training regimen that would make her perfect for a mature adult or adults with no children.

Charly is not a toy, and will require a certain level of daily care to continue her training to make her a great companion.

She will not be considered for any families with (under age 18) children or families who work out of the home during the day.

She is ready to go now, and will come will all starter supplies needed including cage, food and accessories. She is out of the infant stage and is fully weaned onto solid foods.

15 reviews for marmoset monkey care

  1. Belinda G. Murphy

    I hope they continue to make more fore generations to come. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Ruby R. Nelson

    I had received one of the Marmos as a gift

  3. Aimee J. Linch

    A very good quality.

  4. Bernard T. Elrod

    I received my monkey in a very timely manner

  5. William J. Sheehan

    I am a mom on a very lengthy time of bedrest (2 years) I needed a buddy.

  6. William C. Cramer

    It is exceptionally beautiful.

  7. Laura C. Weber

    shipped perfectly

  8. Alene Q. Schuler

    It is extremely high quality.

  9. Donald V. Hansen


  10. Thomas Howell

    The marmoset is so realistic!

  11. Chloe Hind

    I will also continue to purchase from here!!

  12. Daniel M. Rushin

    The only complaint I would have is there was a spot on the tail about 3 inches from the end that was twisted and did’n’t have any stuffing in it

  13. Mary W. Hill

    would recommend buying

  14. Mary W. Hill

    i would recommend this store my friends

  15. Ruby Nelson

    This marmoset is a wonderful friend!

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